What to Include in Your Parenting Plan

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Life after divorce is full of adjustments. The habits and ways of relating that you are familiar with changes in many ways, leaving you wondering whether you will ever find a new "normal." When children are involved, this is especially so. Parenting as a couple is very different from co-parenting as two separate individuals. For the sake of your children, you will need to find a way to make it work. A parenting plan is one of the most important documents in a co-parenting relationship. It will give guidelines for each parent and provide rules to follow in order to minimize conflict. Parents are encouraged to make decisions together beforehand as to what rules will be in place, and are expected to adhere to their decisions. This can … [Continue]

What Is a Parenting Plan?

parenting plan

When  a household undergoes separation or divorce, many adjustments follow. What was previously a partnership when it came to raising children and making decisions is no longer exactly the same. In-fact, occasionally it's an all-out war. When adults find it too difficult to agree on anything how can two parents come together to agree on the best interest of their kids? Not only do parents frequently have different ways of raising their children, but breakups can add the element of aggression over many other issues too that may have nothing to do with parenting. Nonetheless, these issues are often used to put children in the middle of two feuding parents. This is the time to implement a parenting plan. A Decision to Place the Kids … [Continue]

Explaining the Easter Story to Your Children

Explaining the Easter Story to Your Children

It's much easier for adults and teens to comprehend the story of Easter. If you’re considering explaining the Easter story to your kids perhaps you may want to consider how scary the story may be to young ears. The simplest way to describe the Easter story is by using simple phrases and pleasant methods. As opposed to starting with the deep … [Continue]

Cheap and Fun Easter Activities for the Whole Family

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It may be challenging to plan entertaining yet inexpensive Easter activities for the whole family. But it is possible! In reality, some activities and are better designed to do before Easter. For example, if your children require new Easter clothes, you can make an enjoyable day out of shopping. Take regular breaks to sit back and have a bite … [Continue]